The Unseen Truth


then I look upon a mirror,
fearing to face a nasty truth,
or, probably a lie,
is it me I am merely looking at,
or is it me but,
Within my sight…

Once when I saw myself,
Thinking about it, with all my might,
I gazed intently upon the eerie little fairies on the mirror,
Surrounding my head with evil smiles,
who appeared no where out of sight…

They were not the kind of fairies,
you would see sitting on a Christmas Tree, if you ask me!
their wings resembled, true fully,
the color of a dried bougainvillea.

The shimmery diadem,
encased upon their naked skulls,
oddly matched the one of a Queen Bee!
Perhaps this magnitude of peculiarity,
made them as ugly and creepy as ever

And not the ones you would, again, see sitting on the top of a Christmas Tree!
Finding myself thinking about it,
rather much often,
I decided to quiz my teacher!
I thought, he would know it all.

Alas! Hard to accept,
I turned out wrong!
“Oh no, no Missy,” said Professor Klay,
in a snarling sort of way!
“Instead focus in your work,
so that you be a better person, one day!”
I wondered so hard!

Whether Klay was right or wrong,
I see that if I do follow his way,
I can answer my own trivia,

My viewpoint- It is not necessary that books always have the needed answer for us. People do not encourage us to think and develop our own answer as they think that books are the only source of knowledge and we can’t imagine and evaluate without it. The real fact is that books are important but we must also independently investigate the truth to get the hidden answer.


  1. Interesting take and perspective on the source of knowledge….not everything we learn is from books or at school!
    Enjoyed reading your poem and take on this, Sharanya!

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