Social Intelligence


What is it actually?

We often question ourselves on how to behave when someone is hurting us in any way, whether intentional or not. To get along with others in a friendly way is Social Intelligence. This quality helps us to avoid misunderstandings with friends and for children with parents, siblings, relatives, teachers and so on.

But that does not mean that you develop relations which are unnecessary with the people you dislike.

What are the qualities of Social Intelligence (SI)?

Confidence: Confidence helps us to answer boldly and prove ourselves when we are blamed.

Empathy: This helps us to be an overall good person. It also makes us  more connected with someone and understand their feelings.

Self respect: This one helps you earn an identity.

Co-operation: Cooperation helps to avoid fights and is one of the most important factor.

Rules should always be followed and we should adapt with what is available and also bring happy with what we have. Another required factor is that we must look into the perspective of others/place ourselves in another person’s shoes, while taking serious, critical and influential decisions.

How do you know whether a person has low SI or not?

People with low SI don’t listen to anybody and are not accommodative. They like to tease others and bully usually (physically, mentally or emotionally). Generally, we find them in high temper. They are selfish, mean and sometimes brag about themselves.

Basically, SI is what you need to be social, interactive and friendly. It is very essential for all age groups as it helps us to develop an identity (the way people see us, a good or bad person).

Then what do you have to do to become a ‘socially intelligent individual’…

We are supposed to understand what is happening around us and be active. But in certain cases we should never lend our ears as few words can lead to big problems! This means to develop ‘Social Skills’ or the ability to talk with others using wisdom. Frequently, when we are doing a group activity or working together with someone in a group, we do not tend to think about other people’s opinions and that is a really bad habit which we should change NOW! Respect is the key. Without this no one will respect you. Praise others when they are feeling low to boost up their self-esteem and confidence.

Whole-body-listening is a new concept in the world today and is ignored by most of the people. It actually means to use our body while listening to someone and also by making eye contact so that he/she  understands that we are paying attention and concentrating when they are speaking. You see, small actions can make big differences.

Another thing is that, our words should filter through these 3 phases before we say anything-

1) Is it necessary?

2) Is it kind?

3) Is it the truth?

If these 3 questions give you a ‘YES’ then you are allowed to speak that sentence or word.

Hence we should think before we talk.

Be productive, when challenges arise in front of you and always have a backup plan during any circumstances.

Family is a Magic Circle. Spending time with family and spending moments and occasions helps to bring togetherness, happiness and more bonding between the family members.

Now YOU decide, what will YOU do when someone is hurting YOU?

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