Review of the book: The Maze Runner

Book review-Maze Runner

Here you go, the third book review of our series! I hope you all enjoyed reading the last 2 reviews (can be found on the website!) and I would love to know whether it has encouraged you to read more books. Coming back to today’s book, we will be focusing on the bestselling Maze Runner series!

The Maze Runner series:

The Maze Runner series consist of three books with two prequel novels. Written by James Dashner, the series mainly focuses on the genres of science fiction and adventure fiction.

All the novels in the series, apart from the prequels, are based on a boy named Thomas who is left with his memory removed in a maze-like structure also known as the Glade with an army of boys called the Gladers who have lost their memory too. Then the story further continues in a thrilling and nail-gnashing way!

I feel the Maze Runner books are really different from other books and I think that reading this whole series might assure how entertaining books can be.

Along with a gripping story line and plot, you will come across some really beneficial moral values and life lessons too. It encourages you to sometimes fearlessly step out of your comfort zone. According to various sources, it is said that the books very clearly portray the message of not losing hope through the thick and thin. These books really inspired me to understand that everything happens for our betterment and we always ought to be brave and grateful for receiving the best of the best things in life!

To conclude, I would just say that, honestly, the first few chapters were a bit boring yet enjoyable, but don’t worry! The rest of the book and series will definitely change your views and steal your heart.

I will be back soon with another book review and till then…. HAPPY READING!

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