Review of the Book- Murder on the Orient Express


This entire write up is prefaced by telling that ‘Books You Should Read’ is going to be a series and this is Post 1. There will be more upcoming soon so keep up and…happy reading!

So.. why do you think reading is important? Apart from the fact that reading enriches our vocabulary and language, it also helps you to imagine and experience what you have never done in your life. For example, when a good writer explains and defines the beauty of a certain place, you might have heard yourself saying that, “Oh! It feels as if I am standing right there.” Your mind is a canvas and words are your paints and brushes. There should be no barrier in between the painting which will be created and you. Now let’s move on with the book review of the famous book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.

Murder on the Orient Express –

This ‘347 pages’ piece of art, authored by Agatha Christie is sure to be a favourite, being one of the greatest books of all time.

Murder on the Orient Express is a crime fiction written in 1933. Yes, you are right! It was before the World War 2. This masterpiece perfectly portrays the way of thinking and lifestyle in the early 1930s. But in contrast, Christie’s plot and thinking was ahead of time. This can be said in regard to the very intricate and strategized way the case of murder was solved. It has come to the minute details and for sure it will boggle your brain. The book is so engrossing that it will leave you turning the page and read the previous paragraphs. The language should not be hard to understand; perfect for ages 11 and above. The few sentences and words might even encourage you to learn some French.

To conclude, I would like to say that the Queen of Crime’s (a.k.a Agatha Christie’s!) books are something to remember till the end of time and her tantalizing mysteries and puzzles should definitely be pondered upon!

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