UAE fuel prices to go up in August 2019

petrol prices in UAE to go up in August
Image Credit: ENOC

The Ministry of Energy and Industry on Tuesday announced the fuel prices for the month of August, 2019 and it has been increased by around 3%.

Here is the breakdown of the prices per litre:

• Super 98: rises from Dh2.30 to Dh2.37

• Special 95: rises from Dh2.18 to Dh2.26

• Diesel: rises from Dh2.35 to Dh2.42

UAE Increases petrol prices for August,2019
Image credit: ENOC

Fuel prices had previously been lowered for the month of July, bringing relief to motorists after several months of continuously rising petrol prices.

The UAE links fuel prices to movements in international oil rates, which have seen high volatility in recent months, mainly due to political uncertainties.

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