The Good effect of Humor at Workplace

The good effect of humor in workplace
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For years a lot of people avoided humor in the workplace because they thought it was undignified and child-like. But there is magic in humor in the workplace that you should be aware of.

Let’s look at four positive attributes for humor in the workplace:

1) Humor reduces stress and tension in the workplace. It offers a mental shift in what you are doing. The whole concept of comedy is that it catches you off guard so when you laugh you are reducing stress. And this can be both mentally and physically. You become relaxed quickly after you laugh.

2) Comedy helps you to become more creative. The mind shift that occurs when laughing helps you look at your problems in a more unique way. It is like pushing a “reset button” on what you are doing and starting over. This gives you a chance to re-look at the situation and possibly come up with new answers. It is a common fact that people are more stimulated when they are relaxed and laughing will always relax you!

3) Humor allows all levels of management to come together and provides a common ground for everybody. When you come together using humor you will build trust. It is difficult to put on your “business face” when you are laughing. You also appear to be more approachable when you have a sense of humor. Approachable people are typically more successful and always well thought of.

How humor brings positivity at workplace

4) Comedy in the workplace will help improve and increase productivity. When you work in an organization that is upbeat in their surroundings you are more creative and productive. It will help you keep your passion for what you do. You become more enthusiastic and as you know enthusiasm is contagious!

People enjoy working for companies and other people that are humorous. No one want to work in an organization that feels like a mortuary. You spend a lot of hours per day at work so you should enjoy it while being productive and creating high quality output. Humor is also viewed as sign of intellect. This pushes other people to try to “keep up” which in turn pushes their creativity. Between this and the realization that humor reduces stress, the ideas of keeping humor in the workplace is really a necessity!

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