Top 5 Karak Tea in Dubai for just 1 Dirham

“bhai ek karak dhena” Dubai expats are used to this line whenever we are on roads bustling around with our day today activities.


Karak tea is most popular drink in dubai and its favourite of all stature people, starting at a price of AED 1 makes it value for money drink also.

Karak chai roughly means “strong tea.” Chai Karak originated in Indian subcontinent, which can tell by its tea making method and similar ingredients like Indian Masala Chai.

I2D team has reviewed few of the famous tea joints and come up with our recommendations on “TOP 5 KARAK CHAI OF DUBAI @ 1 AED”

1) Al Ismaily Cafeteria

Al Ismaily Cafeteria
Al Ismaily Cafeteria, Dubai

Ismaily has been famous for over 25 years now for its tasty food at the pocket friendly rates imaginable in Dubai.

Location Mankhool, Near Eppco Petrol station Contact 04 3986845

2) Tea Town Cafeteria

Tea Town Cafeteria, Dubai
Tea Town Cafeteria, Dubai

Looking for Fresh Milk karak chai, Tea town is place. With a mild blend of spices it provides a unique taste.

Location- Al Jafliya Location Near Imam Hussain Masjid, Jafiliya Contact 04 3323133

3) Al Hara Cafeteria

Al Hara Cafeteria, Dubai
Al Hara Cafeteria, Dubai

Al Hara Cafeteria is a favourite in Karama for its calm ambience and karak chai. There
special disco chai also is highly recommended. Location Karama Contact 04 3795659

4) Duniya Al Sham Pastry

Duniya Al Sham Pastry, Dubai
Duniya Al Sham Pastry, Dubai

Place is known for perfect medley of flavours- not too sweet nor too strong.

Location- Behind Ramada Jumeirah Hotel, 2nd of December Street Contact 04 3989866

5) Al Masa Cafeteria

Al Masa Cafeteria, Dubai
Al Masa Cafeteria, Dubai

Al Masa is a go-to tea stop with 4 branches in Satwa itself.

Location- Al Jafliya Contact 04 398 8184

Disclaimer: The listing is an honest reflection of our genuine personal experience with the few of the tea shops we have visited. We would like our readers to share with us there recommendations too, so we can include them also in our next listing.

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