Conflicts Are Common-Solutions Aren’t….

Conflicts are common-Solutions aren't
Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

Life is not a path of roses. Conflicts are bound to arise in the journey of life either between colleagues or friends or life partners. Without it, people would not be challenged to think beyond their everyday, routine boundaries.

When different people with different perspectives, values, experiences, education, lifestyles and interests come together, differences abound.

Key Elements in any Conflict…
1) All Conflicts at least two parties.
2) Some sort of struggle or threat, either real or suspected, exists.
3) Interaction or interference takes place.
4) The interaction may be emotional.

Conflicts Are Common-Solutions Aren't.
Picture shown is for illustration purpose only.

Different Stages in any Conflict…
Adjustments – Several responses can occur, depending on the relative power of each party:
1) Domination – when one party is weak and the other strong
2) Cold war – neither party decides to change, but attempts to weaken the other
3) Avoidance – one party may choose to avoid the other, while the conflict continues
4) Compromise – each party gains a little and loses a little
5) Collaboration – active participation resulting in a solution that takes care of both parties’ needs

7 Strategies to Resolve a Conflict…
1) Remain calm
2) Let the other person do the talking
3) Genuinely consider the other person’s point of view
4) There’s power in the words “Yes, yes, I see exactly what you’re saying. You mean…….”
5) If the situation turns verbally abusive, put a stop to it.
6) If you are wrong, quickly admit it and take responsibility.
7) Use the power of visualization.

Solution for conflicts

1) Understand
2) Acknowledge
3) Discuss
4) Listen
5) Work out a Compromise “Win Win – No Loss”

Every problem has a solution. Every conflict can be resolved, if the parties involved are willing for it.
Visualize that the conflict has been resolved and it will be resolved !!

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