Everything Starts With A Dream


Burj Khalifa started with a dream.

Atlantis started with a dream.

Palm Jumeirah started with a dream.

Dubai Metro started with a dream.

Anything and everything starts with a dream. As the “Law of Attraction”” says, everything is manifested twice, once in our mind and then in this material world. In fact, we can achieve anything and everything as we want. The only condition is that the dream should be nurtured, to be worked upon and then it will be definitely manifested.

Action makes a dream to materialize. We can achieve all our dreams by putting proper action to shape it and to make it. This is universal law. This is the nature of the nature. You will not be denied to which you give it all you can.

We need to believe in ourselves. We need to believe that everything is possible. Even in the word “Impossible”, it says that I am possible. There is a saying that, “An earnest desire is always fulfilled”. It is absolutely true.

First of all, we should make sure what we want. That is the first stage. Then we should make a blueprint, just like the drawing of a building. Then we should put things to work on it.

Burj Khalifa started as a dream. But then great Architects prepared a drawing of the building and then several engineers and workers spent days and nights to work on it relentlessly. Now it is a reality. This principle will work for everything in our life. Its guaranteed.

Even this website started as a dream. Even this blog started as a dream. Whatever you dream it, you can achieve it. Just take action, till it is done.

Napoleon Hill says, “Whatever a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve”.

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