What Are Your Specs??


As we all know, every products is sold based on its specifications.

A car has horse power, no. of cylinders, seating capacity and many other specifications.

A Television has Screen size, pixel density, curvature and other specifications.

A Refrigerator has height, storage capacity, cooling and others as specifications.

A notebook has screen size, speed, memory etc.

A mobile has display screen size, processor, memory etc..

If the product specifications are higher, it has greater chances of getting sold. The same way,
every human being also has specifications with or without his knowledge. Some are tangible
and some are intangible.

For example, a person’s age, height, weight, waist size, chest size, eye sight, shoe size etc.
are measurable specifications. But at the same time his patience, mental capacity to
withstand pressure, level of compassion, emotional intelligence, caring attitude,
communication skills, learning ability, forgiving virtue, love quotient and many other
characteristics are intangible and beyond measure.

When we like a person that means we are satisfied with his characteristics or specifications.

Whether we accept or not, it is the underlying truth and a fact. At the same time, if we do
not like a certain person, it clearly indicates that we are not happy with his specifications.
When two people fall in love, it is an absolute match of chemistry, isn’t it? What does that
mean? It says that both are satisfied with each other’s specifications. Even the opposite is
true. When people go for divorce or get separated in relationships, it means there is a
mismatch of some specifications somewhere which are not agreeable to the other partner.
In the corporate world, they always say that one has to sell himself to get a sale closed or to
be selected for an interview etc. That means if one’s specifications are not up to the
required level, he can’t sell himself. This is crystal clear, right? By all means, “One has to be
up to date with his specs to impress others”. This is an absolute mandatory requirement,
whether one likes it or not.

Now the question is, “What are your specs”? Are your specs qualified to impress others? Are
you having the necessary parameters to be accepted by others? Do you have enough of
above mentioned characteristics to attract a partner?? Most of all, are you convinced and
satisfied with your specs before presenting them to others or to this world??? This looks like
a million dollar question, isn’t it? This is the truth, an absolute truth and worth pondering.
So, find out “What are your specs”? Make them the best, latest, highest and greatest to
become the top most in your life and career!

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