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Friday, August 14, 2020

The City

The city that has seen it all Saw the naive innocent fearful lives Entering with wide open, awe filled eyes Getting lost in the crowd, entwining in...

Closed but still awesome

Have you seen a Phoenix Rising from its ashes? Spreading its colourful magnificent wings Looking above ascending new heights Is it smiling, for the new spur of life? Allowed...

As complicated as it’s simple

The churning of the loom With the lined up threads Colourful orderly yet mysterious What will the end be?Lining up to weave the cloth With each beat and...
Poem on Melancholy


Stars bring out the shine, back in eyes Moon still gives out its melancholic smile Heart takes a stand still, in natures healing Beauty for heart and...
Happy Birthday to JK Rowling and Harry potter

Happy Birthday to the woman who made our childhood amazing: J.K.Rowling

Each and every person in the world idolizes a great personality, he or she need not be famous, but their astounding capabilities truly inspire...

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Deira Creek, Dubai

Deira Creek, Dubai


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